Some guy’s name – One reason for the Down syndrome misconception.

Down Syndrome has changed my life in the most amazing ways possible.  I look at my son and I think "there is nothing more perfect on this planet."  However, there is one thing that sucks about it. Before you get mad at me for saying that, just keep reading. John Langdon Down.  That's the guy... Continue Reading →


The ripple effect.

I did it.  I did the wrong thing.  I limited my own son. I was watching him do physical therapy this week, and the therapist held a toy that looked like it was miles away from him, and expected him to reach for it.  She might as well have asked him to reach up and... Continue Reading →

I have Down syndrome, too.

When I returned to my job as a second grade teacher, I was not fully prepared to discuss Nicholas's diagnosis yet.  I was so afraid that if someone brought it up, I would break down crying.  What would the kids think of their long-absent teacher then? It wasn't only that.  I had gone into labor... Continue Reading →

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