A letter to our ‘someday’ baby. Good news! Your brother has Down Syndrome!

No, I am not pregnant.  Don't get too excited. But I did meet two newborns this week.  Two good friends of mine had babies in the same week, and I was lucky enough to be able to meet their little miracles. The visits made me reminisce about the days when Nicholas was a newborn.  I... Continue Reading →


The ripple effect.

I did it.  I did the wrong thing.  I limited my own son. I was watching him do physical therapy this week, and the therapist held a toy that looked like it was miles away from him, and expected him to reach for it.  She might as well have asked him to reach up and... Continue Reading →

The evening black-outs.

That statement used to mean something completely different a couple of years ago. Now, it's the phrase I use to describe the evenings after I get home from school. I leave school as soon as the busses do and drive immediately to the sitter's house. Do a little small talk, and leave. We get home... Continue Reading →

Seeing other extraordinary people.

This is when I don't know how to be an advocate... Bear with me, friends.  I have only been a part of this community of moms for 8 months, and I am still learning the ropes. Last Sunday, my friend and I decided to venture to the baby clothes store, which is about an hour away... Continue Reading →

The hospital stay.

No, I am not talking about the original hospital stay.  I am talking about the one from last night.  The one where I had to terrorize a security guard to get access to the children's ER. Okay, maybe I didn't terrorize them, but I was scary enough to make them think that they would rather... Continue Reading →

Muscle Tone

Before Nicholas, I had previously known some things about Down Syndrome.  After the doctors told us that they were going to order genetic testing to see if he had it, they kindly asked us not to google anything.  There was no way I could do that anyway.  I couldn't even look at my phone at... Continue Reading →

This kid is getting heavy!

As us Down Syndrome moms know, our kiddos may not be sitting up as early as their typically developing peers.  So, it isn't as easy for me to carry him out of the car seat on my hip and still be able to use one hand to function. On Thursday, there was a woman in... Continue Reading →

What are we doing here?

Before having my baby this past September, I always wondered what it would be like going back to work while also being a mom. As a second grade teacher, I was an extreme planner. I planned every single second of each day in hopes of being an engaging and memorable teacher for my students. I'll... Continue Reading →

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