Molar Meltdown – A teething toddler in physical therapy.

Somehow I got myself into a situation where I have two children who are teething at the same time.

Queue the drool.

If you have been following our story either via this blog, instagram or snapchat, then you might look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These are PT days, which means so much footage of a proud boy making strides big strides (literally!).

Today was not one of those days.

The day as a whole was a picture-less day.  Today won’t come back to me in the Timehop app.  Facebook won’t ask me if I remember it, but I am sure I will.

Nicholas has a molar coming through.  Although we don’t remember what growing a molar feels like once we reach adulthood, it is apparently very painful, which Nicholas made very clear during his session tonight.

Imagine having extreme tooth pain and them someone suggesting that you do leg day at the gym.  That would be a non-negotiable no for me!

I was torn between wanting to just snuggle him on the couch under a blanket and not wanted to waste valuable physical therapy time.  We get an hour a week, and I want to use it wisely!

Luckily, we have the BEST physical therapist out there.  She was not phased at all by Nicholas’ strategies to kick her out of here, which included ignoring, shooing, and crying.  He wasn’t feeling very hospitable I guess.  Nicholas is always engaged for the entirety of his therapy sessions, so today I was a little thrown off.

I learned today that even during sessions that are seemingly going terribly, awesome things can happen!

Our PT took some toys that she knows Nicholas loves, and started holding them up a little higher, causing him to need to stand to use them.  In this particular scenario, he was playing with a little yellow shark that plays “baby shark” when you squeeze it.  It’s a pretty light weight toy, so he can carry it around easily.  We were sitting far apart, just in case Nicholas decided to turn and walk back and forth between us.

For the first time ever, Nicholas turned around, holding the baby shark with both hands in front of him, and walked to me with his hands down!

He has never done this before!  Even though I love his cute little balancing arms that he usually has in the air when he walks, this was such an awesome breakthrough to witness.  He looked so cool and casual, like he does it all the time.

Even if stopping one of your kid’s therapies seems a lot easier when it just isn’t going well, stick with it!  You may get an awesome surprise like I did tonight!

The chaos of both babies constantly complaining and needing a lot of extra love this evening caused me to not get any pictures, but I have been replaying it in my mind since it happened and just had to share it.  We are so close, people.  He can walk, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Shoutout to our awesome PT for taking some extra loud yelling from Nicholas tonight in the name of progress!

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