Aren’t you Afraid?

For months I have had so much guilt about not posting to the blog.  But, I have a good excuse.. I think.

I have been too busy eating all of the oranges I can handle.

Puking my guts out,

and falling asleep sitting up.

You guessed it… I am pregnant again!




This pregnancy has hit me with an exhaustion that I haven’t had since Nicholas was first born!  The symptoms are unreal, but through it all I couldn’t be happier that we are adding to our family.

There have been so many topics that I have wanted to share with my fellow special needs mommas, but I just wasn’t ready to share my news just yet.  Since blogging about your life is so personal, I couldn’t post without sharing the news!

Now that I can, I want to talk about the question that I have been asked most often since I have shared the news of my pregnancy publicly…

“Aren’t you afraid that your next baby will have Down Syndrome?”

I never expected to hear this question as much as I have, especially since I have so loudly immersed myself into Down Syndrome advocacy.

But yes, I get it all of the time.  From strangers, coworkers, friends, and family.  However, it truly doesn’t offend me.  I love talking about this stuff, so please people, ask away.

My answer to the question is simple.  No.  And here’s why:

1 – Nicholas.  He is the most adorable, and easy baby I have ever met.   He sleeps like a rock, and is comfortable going anywhere we go.  I brought him to the hair salon the other day, and despite the noise of a few blow dryers, he just hung out until he fell asleep.   When he was first diagnosed, I feared that simple things like this would be hard, and maybe they will be in the future, but for now he is crushing it!


He likes pretty much everyone he meets, which makes social gatherings easy.  He is just the coolest.  He has brought love and light to so many people’s lives, and I wouldn’t change a thing about him.

2 – Down Syndrome just doesn’t scare me anymore…  I have connected with so many people that I wouldn’t know if Nicholas wasn’t born.  I am so grateful for that.  I know DS now as something that brings people together.  I also find it as a great way to meet really strong moms to share my journey with.

3 – We would be a 1 in a million family! I mean come one… that has to be rare, right?

4 – We are not the same people we were before Nicholas.  I know now that my husband and I can withstand anything that comes our way.  Sure, we were definitely afraid the first time.  I was also afraid the first time I had my eyebrows waxed, and now it is a part of my lifestyle, as is being a DS mommy.  No big deal, I say.

No matter who shows up in our family in May, they will be ours, and I will love that child with everything I have.

I am only 13 weeks pregnant, but I already know something about my unborn child.  No, I do not know the gender (I wish).

I know that this child is going to be a kind and compassionate person because of how knowing Nicholas will shape him or her.  This child will see people with differences and think of big brother, who he/she loves so much.  This child will be friends with all of their peers no matter their circumstances because Nicholas taught him/her that different is good.

So no.  I am not afraid.

Well, that’s a lie.  I am afraid to have to give birth again.. but that’s a post for another day…

I am so happy to be back with you all, and thank you for following our journey.

Moms and Dads, please share your stories of the reactions you received to announcing you were having another baby.






One thought on “Aren’t you Afraid?

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  1. Wondered where you have been but I thought with school and Nicholas that you would be crazy busy and now another baby (you are making me tired)! Congratulations to all of you! This baby will be wonderful and caring because it’s parents are, I saw your hubby today and chastised him because I haven’t seen Nicholas in so long! I will be thinking of you!

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