Never Stop Advocating

Hey moms, ever find yourself crying in a chair at a special needs advocacy center?

Yeah me either…

Just kidding.  Did that today.

This advocating business is hard.

So far, there has been two instances during Nicholas’ lifetime where I have taken advice from trusted professionals that was incorrect.  That’s twice too many.  I am finding out that being a mother of a boy with special needs will take a lot of speaking up when something doesn’t seem quite right.  This post is going to be short and sweet, as is my point.

Mothers and fathers of differently-abled kiddos, listen up.  Do no ever be afraid to double and triple check your facts!  There are so many things available to your child that you may not even know about!

Also, the laws and regulations around those things change all the time.  So, it is good to find yourself in contact with people ‘in the know’.  Where I live, there is a “Parent’s of Children with Special Needs” advocacy center that is absolutely amazing.  They have helped me navigate the services Nicholas receives, both at a local and state level.  I would have never known where to begin if it weren’t for them.  Their whole job is to stick up for our kids.  Isn’t that cool?

If a group like that exists in your area, stop in and introduce yourself.  Make the connection, because you will need it!  It is so important to have people that have only the best interest of your child in mind, free of the influence of anything else.

A big shout out to the ladies who run the place.  You are an amazing and surely under-appreciated resource in our community!

If it weren’t for their support, this boy might have started therapy way later, and wouldn’t be doing all of these awesome things!

Look at him bearing all of that weight on his arms!  I am so proud of him!  He’s kicking that low muscle tone’s ass!

Use the support in your area even if you think you don’t need it.  You don’t know what you don’t know.


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I was shocked as a new mom to find out that my son has Down Syndrome. I had no idea that my life would be changed for the better! Now, I am using my passion for writing to spread awareness and acceptance for people with Down syndrome.

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