I was meant to have you, Nicholas

My fears about Nicholas come in waves. I may have a few days where I’m bursting with happiness about him, driving him around and showing him off to my friends and family. Then, I will wake up one morning and panic about something.

“What if I’ve waited too long to get him into early intervention.”

“What if he has trouble communicating with people.”

“I need to learn sign language TODAY.”

It can be so overwhelming.

Today, I have a meeting with an advocacy group for parents with children with disabilities. (Side note, that is hard for me to even say. It is hard for me to admit to myself that Nicholas even has a disability).

I always say that there are signs that I was supposed to have Nicholas, and those signs smacked me in the face while I was making this appointment.

Not only did I already meet the director of this advocacy group while doing a paper for my special education class in college years ago, but she also is an alumnus of my high school which is two hours away from where I live! What are the odds?! She remembered meeting me and was excited to help!

Here is the kicker..

Her office has a new location.

They moved from the next town over and TO THE STREET I LIVE ON!

Folks.. I do not live in some bustling city where new things open on my street all of the time. I live in a remote part of a remote city, and the group is on my street!! I can’t get over it..

I was meant to have you, Nicholas, and the universe is helping me see that every single day.

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I was shocked as a new mom to find out that my son has Down Syndrome. I had no idea that my life would be changed for the better! Now, I am using my passion for writing to spread awareness and acceptance for people with Down syndrome.

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